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Tom Buchanan

Tom Buchanan

Coaldale, AB


I am a professional photographer and teacher of photography living in the town of Coaldale, AB, Canada. Coaldale is a small town of about 7,500 people on the outskirts of the city of Lethbridge, AB. I have been a photographer since 1966 and a professional since 2002 having retired from a busy corporate life in the process control business. I love to create unique images of wherever I have been and have a beautiful collection of fine art prints. I often put on seminars, workshops and photo courses in the Lethbridge region I have work displayed all over the world in private collections and I keep expanding it every year. I am married to my beautiful wife Maggie and have three grown children and five grand children and one great grandchild living in Canada. Currently I'm working on a project for myself in fine art portraiture and am having a ball doing exactly what I want to do without the usual direction by the client. It's a relief to have the freedom to be able to release the artist in me at this late stage in the game and I love it. You can find out all about it and perhaps become one of my models by visiting my main photography site at

I also write a blog called Senior Citizen Fun that can be reached also through the website above. If you want your story told and we all have them, check it out and subscribe to work with me to get it out there. This is another fun project that anyone can participate in and will enjoy. So why not visit the site and help me out with it?

You can also see some of my other work by going to the other sites identified on that page. Please feel free to leave a message for me and I'll be happy to reply.


High Level Bridge in Lethbridge by Tom Buchanan


Symphony Osteospermum by Tom Buchanan


Beautiful Begonia by Tom Buchanan


Reflections of Henderson by Tom Buchanan


Getting Ready to Fly South by Tom Buchanan


Henderson Lake Waiting for Winter by Tom Buchanan


Thunder on the Prairie by Tom Buchanan


Japanese Lantern by Tom Buchanan


Autumn at Nikka Yuko by Tom Buchanan


Sunset at Kitsilano by Tom Buchanan


The Totems Watching by Tom Buchanan


The Light on the Mountain by Tom Buchanan


Boats on the Estuary by Tom Buchanan


Horseshoe Bay by Tom Buchanan